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          The Directorate of Police Wireless was created in December 1946 in the erstwhile Bombay State. Prior to its creation, the State Police was completely dependent upon telegraph for transmission of urgent messages.

          HF wireless stations were initially set up at 13 important district Police headquarters to connect them to Pune , the then headquartes of the State Police. After independence, Shri S.M.Nabar, a technocrat, was appointed as S.P.Wireless and wireless wing was also separated from State Police Headquarter.

          Initially, wireless stations were erected with the equipment procured from Disposals Directorate of the Armed Forces. These stations were manned by educated police constables who were trained in wireless telegraphy at the Army and Air Force Signals School at Pune. In the expansion phase, wireless stations were set up at taluka places as well as at other strategic locations.

          Once HF Telegraphy had stabilized in the districts, VHF communication was introduced in Bombay City. Modified and reconditioned wireless equipment was put into operation with a temporary control room at Police Commissioner's office in Mumbai with a VHF network of 40 patrolling mobiles.

           Repeater stations were thereafter set up at vantage points in various districts to enable wireless and voice communication between the State Police H.Q. at Bombay and Pune, and the various district H.Qs. over VHF. This is known as Trunk Auto Repeater Stations (TARS) link.

          In 1984, this facility was expanded so as to connect the various Police Stations in the State with their district H.Q.s

           Morse has, so far, been the most reliable means of communicating data. This, however, was extremely tedious and slow. In 1988, Automatic Communication System (ACS ) was introduced to transmit data by wireless using microprocessors. With this, it was now possible to communicate large chunks of data at high speed. In 1990, Electronic Exchanges using C-DOT technology was introduced at State, Range, and District H.Qs and thereby bringing in considerable improvement over the operator based manual exchanges. In 1995, UHF (400 Mhz) wireless was gradually introduced in Pune and Nagpur and in parts of Mumbai, in place of VHF. This had the advantage of better voice quality, and of greater penetration through standard urban obstacles such as high rise buildings

          In 1997, UHF ( 800 Mhz ) Analog Radio Trunking was introduced in Mumbai on a turnkey basis. This is a radically new technology in which channel redundancy is completely eliminated and switching is seamless. Using this, individuals connected to the Mumbai Police Trunking Network can combine the privacy of the telephone with the vast access of conventional wireless. This was the first such technology used in India.

          In 1998, Satellite communication using SCPC DAMA technology was introduced for voice and data communication. The heart of the system is the NMS ( Network Management System ) at Wireless H.Qs. Pune, which directs signals bounced off by INSAT 3-B satellite. 49 V-SAT stations were also set up to facilitate voice, data, and image communication.

Telephone / Fax No. of Police Wireless Officers in Maharashtra State    
1 Addl. DGP and Director, Police Wireless, M.S. Pune 020 25656908
2 Dy. IGP, Wireless, M.S. Pune. 020 25658422
3 Supdt. of Police Wireless, H.Q., M.S., Pune 020 25652623
4 Dy.Commr. of Police, Wireless, Mumbai. 022 22043312
5 Supdt. of Police Wireless, West Zone, Pune 020 25650817
6 Supdt. of Police Wireless, East Zone, Nagpur 0712 2583363
7 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, HQs. Pune 020 25658036
8 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, Training Centre, Pune 020 25653358
10 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, Research and Development, Pune 020 25650338
11 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, V-SAT, Pune 020 05671298
12 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, Konkan Range, Navi Mumbai 022 27578522
13 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, Nasik Range, Nasik 0253 2572632
14 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, Kolhapur Range, Kolhapur 0231 2657793
15 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, Aurangabad Range,Aurangabad 0240 2331776
16 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, Amaravati Range,Amaravati 0721 2662399
16 Dy.Supdt. of Police Wireless, Nagpur Range,Nagpur 0712 2580056
17 Asst. Commr. of Police Wireless, Pune City. 020 25535294
18 Asst. Commr. of Police Wireless, Thane City. 022 25343129
19 Asst. Commr. of Police Wireless, Nagpur City. 0712 2566630
20 Asst. Commr. of Police Wireless, Admn. Mumbai. 022 22831565
21 Asst. Commr. of Police Wireless, Byculla, Mumbai. 022 23088038
22 Asst. Commr. of Police Wireless, Santacruz, Mumbai. 022 26604271
23 Asst. Commr. of Police Wireless, Traffic, Malbarhill, Mumbai 022 23696745

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