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Welcome To Maharashtra Police Department
  UTILITY SEARCH - Details of Unidentified Dead Bodies                                    recovered by police in Maharashtra
Note 1 : To search from amongst available records, please enter name of DISTRICT / COMMISSIONERATES in UPPER CASE (CAPITAL LETTERS) in the related boxes, and, SUBMIT.

Note 2 : If you want details of unidentified dead bodies on the record of a DISTRICT/COMMISSIONERATE during a specific period, select the duration in the relevant boxes. Thereafter select the DISTRICT / COMMISSIONERATE and, SUBMIT .                 
Kindly key in the relevant information
Death Date :
Time Duration:
From Date :
       To Date :
District :
       Police Station :
  Use navigation keys on the menu bar to go to previous / next page.

Note 3: Records/entries made in preceding 365 days only are provided in this search.For historical queries e-mail/fax to concerned UNIT COMMANDER.    E-mail ids / fax numbers are available on menu-bar of the home page.