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  UTILITY SEARCH - Crime Register Details

Note1 : This search facility provides details about persons in police custody. Fields Marked with * are madatory.

Note 2 : If you know Registered Crime Number, enter the Crime Register number in the related boxes and, SUBMIT.              

Note 3 : Please select the Police Station , CR No. and Major Head. If you want details of Crime Registered during a specific period in a DISTRICT/COMMISSIONERATE selected by you, enter the duration in the relevant boxes. In case you require details pertaining to a perticular date, enter the same date in both the fields.

Note 4 : Records pertaining to Crime Registered by police in Maharashtra are provided in this search. The records of Crime Registered by police and provided on this utility search are not real time uploads. There can be delay in entering data due to non availability of power supply / connectivity etc. In case of any discrepancy in the data in this utility search, the orignal records of the concerned police station shall be relied upon. For historical queries e-mail/fax to concerned UNIT COMMANDER. E-mail ids / fax numbers are available on menu-bar of the home page.
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